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Edmonton-based freelance graphic designer, writer, and illustrator. Also specializes in wayfinding and signage design, exhibit design, strategic planning consultations, and proposal writing.
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The People’s Republic of Albertastan

In response to a request on social media last night, I designed a t-shirt for “The People’s Republic of Albertastan”. Much like the “Machete Something Edmonton” shirt I designed a couple years back following the Southern Alberta floods (in response to a pundit by Chris Selley of the Calgary Herald), it was just something I did for fun.

I feel the need to clarify that I am 100% in support of the new NDP government and am extremely excited to see the direction our new leadership takes us.

So for those of you who get the joke and just want to join in on the fun, as we love to do here in Alberta, both a light and dark version of the shirt can be purchased through my Skreened shop.

If you’d like to get creative or want your shirt to be more representative of your favourite party, just use the “Change Style” button to select a different shirt colour or style. There is defintely an Anvil-brand “NDP orange” on their that looks dynamite with the dark typography.

Thanks, Alberta, for always being such a fun and supportive province to live and work in!

LIGHTDARK**I also wanted to take a moment to thank Skreened, my on-demand shirt printer of choice, for being so continuously awesome. When I made the Machete shirt and donated my commissions to the Red Cross flood relief efforts, they amazingly offered to match every dollar of my donation. They also only print on sweatshop-free merchandise, which is top-drawer in my books.**

**UPDATE: The charity I’ve selected for the proceed donations for the Albertastan tshirts is the Stollery Children’s Hospital because…well, we all know why.


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