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Edmonton-based freelance graphic designer, writer, and illustrator. Also specializes in wayfinding and signage design, exhibit design, strategic planning consultations, and proposal writing.
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Albertastan Pop Up Shop!

Good News, Localvore Comrades! I managed to get some amazing help this weekend from Gord at local printshop, Rogue Star, who has been working his butt off to do a small run of shirts for me, printed on Canadian-made tees, no less!



So, to try and accommodate as many comrades as possible, I will be hosting a small Pop Up Shop Tuesday through Thursday evenings this week from 5-9pm at Homestead Coworking (aka Albertastan HQ, located above The Common). There will be a limited run of the Classic (red/yellow) and NDP “Orange Crush” (orange/green) versions available in unisex small-XL. If you need XS or 2XL sizes, you will unfortunately still have to order online. If you want a different colour combination, you will also unfortunately have to order online. If things get crazy and sell out super fast, you will unfortunately still have to order online and/or be patient with me while I figure out what to do next. The shirts (Canadian-made and locally-printed, as I mentioned previously) have worked out to be $35 each and I will be able to accept payment by cash or Square (Visa, MC, AMEX).

I didn’t originally intend to do this, so I have to extend my sincerest apologies to anyone who is upset that they ordered online already. I receiving a crushing avalanche of emails and phone calls from people who were upset with the shipping/USD situation and the fact that they weren’t being printed locally. Realistically, the shirt design had only existed for a few hours before it was up for sale, and I NEVER EVER expected it would be this popular or receive this much attention. I work 60 hours a week as a designer, and am not a full-time t-shirt maker like some people seem to think I am. I felt a LOT of pressure to get this local run made, which is of course extremely meaningful to me too, but I’m really hoping that it’s not going to be something I regret. I truly appreciate any patience and understanding you can muster. This was so unexpected and I never, ever meant to upset or inconvenience anyone.

As an introvert with often debilitating anxiety, the last few days have been staggeringly overwhelming for me. I could not have survived it without the wave of love and support I received from friends (and strangers!). Thank you to everyone who has been so wonderful through all this, especially Todd, Peter, Jenny, Dave, Tara, Roberta, Doug, Stella, Jamey, Mike, Jason R, Heather, Jonathan, Brandon, all the GREAT media folks, and for all the kind words from strangers (aka unknown friends)!

To everyone who purchased a shirt, THANK YOU for being amazing and for all of your support. My heart is full of love for you all.

And I crazy massive thank you to Skreened for being A+++ humans, managing all sorts of customer service questions/complaints, and pulling the long, long, LONG hours trying to help everyone get their shirts quickly and efficiently. I know a lot of people think they’re just “some American company”, but they are really just a small, small group of AMAZING human beings who have been so, so supportive and even matched my Red Cross flood donations, dollar for dollar, back in 2013 with the Machete shirts. I have nothing but love for you people.

Again, thanks so, so much for your patience and understanding! I can’t wait to meet some of you amazing Albertastanians at the Popup this week!

<3 Laura Lynn

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