LAURA LYNN | 2017 Holiday Style Forecast
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2017 Holiday Style Forecast

***The following was written by Laura Lynn for Cottswood Interiors’ blog. Read the full post here.***

Looking for ways to add holiday touches to your year-round decor that goes beyond garland and stockings? Rotating in some accessories that reflect the palette and textures of the season is a sharp way to achieve a more refined style that’s tasteful rather than tacky. Our interior design team has curated a collection of some of our favourite Cottswood pieces based on current trends that can make your home feel fresh and festive, but are stylish enough to keep year-round.

Here at Cottswood, we’ve been seeing a resurgence this in classic reds and greens, generally in rich ruby and emerald jewel tones. Velvet, which has been popular throughout 2017, is right at home during the holiday season. We love it as a chic and up-to-date alternative to brushed suede as a full sofa covering, but a few velvet accent cushions can also do the trick.


You can never go wrong with white + metallics. While silver was the popular choice for interior hardware and finishes for the past couple decades, we are really digging the return of gleaming, mirror-finish gold. Choosing much simpler shapes will help avoid the opulent baroque look made popular in the ‘90s, and a few clean-lined, minimalist gilded accessories will give you that luxe look without overdoing it.

Not ready to say goodbye to your favourite brushed argent features just yet? We’re big fans of mixing different metallics, and bronze, argent, and brass tones can all work together to create a lustrous look when paired with “piano” neutrals and monochromatic schemes.

In more casual homes, we recommend embracing the “organic-chic cabin” style trend. S

nuggle up with some knit and flannel throws, mix in a few tasteful accessories evocative of the backcountry (think raw timbre, birch bark, or antlers) and sprinkle in some fresh spruce boughs throughout your space (we think the smell is well worth the clean-up effort). Minimizing the number of colours you choose and pairing them with warm, natural neutrals will keep things classy, and gifts wrapped in craft paper decorated with simple twine or cotton string will tie the whole look together under the tree.


If you’re looking for some customized ways to incorporate some holiday cheer into your own home, get in touch with one of our designers for a complimentary plan that blends flawlessly with your personal style and taste.

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