Edmonton-based freelance graphic designer, writer, and illustrator. Also specializes in wayfinding and signage design, exhibit design, strategic planning consultations, and proposal writing.
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Laura Lynn is a senior editor, art director, writer, graphic and interior designer currently based in Auckland, New Zealand. A graduate of the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT)’s Visual Design and Culinary Arts programs as well as the University of Alberta’s Residential Interiors program, she utilizes her unique skillset and professional experience to provide consulting services in the form of design standards, signage and wayfinding design, visual identity design, user experience design, illustration, advertising, and proposal/grant writing. Her client group is diverse and includes architects, engineers, planners, property developers, realtors, builders, chefs, entrepreneurs, lawyers, police boards, community leagues, and other writers.

She is the current editor-in-chief of habitat magazine, which is published bi-annually in print with 6-12 unique digital stories published each week on its companion website. The most recent print run (in March 2020) exceeded 387,000 copies and the site sees between 7,000 and 25,000 web sessions each week. Her work as also been printed in Alberta Venture (CAN), Reimagine (CAN), Eighteen Bridges (CAN), Alberta Construction (CAN), Morganmete (US), NZ Home & Garden (NZ), Your Home & Garden (NZ), Metropol (NZ), Food (NZ), Cuisine (NZ) and published digitally on MiNDFOOD (AUS) and Stuff (NZ).

When writing content, Laura Lynn marries her love of films and fictional narratives with more than 17 years of professional reporting, editing, and technical writing experience to craft prose that keeps eyeballs glued to the page. She is dedicated to telling her client’s stories with clarity and enthusiasm. A keen researcher and a quick learner, Laura Lynn is extremely agile at wrapping her head around her customers’ brands and distilling complex briefings into concise and purpose-driven content.

As an award-winning project director, Laura Lynn has a proven ability to look at each of her assignments both strategically and with a precise level of detail. She’s about as far from being a one-trick pony as you can get, and her diverse background allows her to draw upon first-hand knowledge when writing about architecture, engineering, construction, entertainment, art, design, law, policing, governance, finance, IT—and just about everything in between.

Laura Lynn is equally passionate about finding and creating design solutions that focus on the end user’s needs, combining tried-and-tested principles with creative ingenuity to discover new and better ways of solving design problems. Each project she consults on is handled with careful consideration and the passion for quality, resulting in solutions that are project specific and take into account both human factors and the greater environmental context.

A collector of hobbies, skills, and artistic endeavours, Laura Lynn loves to push her boundaries to create new art and objects across a wide range of disciplines. Her favourite mediums are printmaking, ceramics, silversmithing, watercolour, furniture design, leather and textiles.